About Us

D. Wheatley Enterprises, Inc. (DWE) is a plastics engineering & manufacturing company that services the medical, defense and biotech industries. We are located in Belcamp, MD, USA, near the intersection of MD route 7 and Brass Mill Road. Our facility covers 45,000 sq. ft. and house our engineering, molding, and assembly operations. We make a variety of products ranging from pea-sized components to 400’ long wiring harness assemblies. Our associates execute our services with deliberate and constant commitment to quality in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Since 1990, we have been integrating injection-molded plastic products into medical and defense systems. Most of our defense work has been in the innovation of engineered plastics for the NBC protection/detection field. These demonstrated capabilities coupled with nearly 35 years of medical device manufacturing experience have grown our company into a valuable resource for plastics engineering and manufacturing. We have also gained a thorough understanding of FDA compliance, documentation and tracability.

Our engineering group is comprised of a talented team of professionals with diverse and extensive expertise. Their focus includes systems integration, injection molded plastics product development, extrusions, corresponding mold design, rapid prototyping, passive electrical and electro-mechanical product design and related manufacturing. Our collective experience allows us to achieve our customer’s requirements in a variety of ways including assistance with troubled existing products or processes, effecting improvements to existing product and creation of new product for a given application.

SQAR-1 Supplier QA Requirements